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Gail McClure: Version 2.0

As it turns out, I’m not such a great blogger. I write a lot, and sketch ideas, but in my many paper notebooks, usually with a pen. Maybe I’ll take another stab at it. Sometime soon. Maybe; if I thought it might be interesting or something… because most of what I write about, well I just don’t think it is very interesting to anyone but me (and even then – not so interesting.). I don’t get out much, so I can’t share wonderful travel stories or even pictures of my delicious food taken with friends at fun restaurants. Although I have had some wonderful times! Huh, I guess if I was any good at this blogging thing I could blogged about a bunch of stuff.

Wrapped in Pink - Gail McClure

I guess it’s more about making the time. Finding time outside-of-work to develop and expand my portfolio has always been challenging.  So any available time to create keeps me in – like I said – I don’t get out much. And then there were those six months, at the beginning of the year, I was dealing with my breast cancer – I didn’t get a whole lot of anything else done. That’s when I started thinking in terms of  2.0, the better, updated version of me. I’m feeling my best in mind, body, and spirit. I know I’m exactly where I am supposed to be -creating and expanding- making my Gail McClure Artwork 2.0, an expression of the artist I have become, and the beginning of so much more.

I have all the time in the world, but there is so much art I want to create, and I definitely want to try to get out more, so in terms of blogging – well, we’ll just have to see.



NY to CA

My Mom is coming to California! My Mom, me, & her cute little dog will be making a road trip. It’s a trip we’ve talked about for a couple of years now(minus the cute little dog), that’s how long the process has taken.  But now it’s really happening, and I have been so busy, preparing, planning, it will be the longest time I’ve left my “boys”!

It was last summer I went to visit Mom and help with her garage sale, she was getting ready to move,  trimming down 40 years of living in Pittsford. It’s been a lot of work for her. It’s going to be so great when she gets to set up her new home, her new art studio, everything just the way she wants it – finally. She’s an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see all the new work she’s going to do, she’s been waiting so long to be able to just do her art.

We’re hitting the road NY to CA, and having an adventure! Let’s see where the road takes us…


Just the Beginning…

It’s been a long journey to this moment. A really, really long journey. I took a lot of side streets, and hit a few detours, and somehow I still made it to here. Here is where I set out to go all along. I’ve learned a lot of things about myself and I really wonder if I could have possibly come to this moment without taking the scenic road I did. I really did just follow my heart.

Today my life is all about making art. I think about it, write about it, read about it and most importantly make art in some form every day, it is who I am.  My portfolio is a reflection of me – in spirit and execution.  I can be painterly and loose, I can be detailed and exacting. My artwork is all hand drawn and hand-painted, and primarily inspired from nature and memories, but of course, creative inspiration is all around us!